CATTAIL CREEK LAMB IS GROWING! We are now a group of three production partners in Western Oregon: Vitality Farms of Corvallis, Cody Wood of Junction City, and Mitch Vincent of Bandon.

These folks are committed to raising lambs from birth to market that meet the high standard of Cattail Creek Lamb and I am very pleased to be working with such a fine team.

  • CATTAIL CREEK LAMB meat is tender with the best flavor found anywhere, distictively lamb but sweet and mild with no gaminess.
  • CATTAIL CREEK LAMBS are 100% grass fed on pastures or vegetative crops to which no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides have been applied. They are never fed grain.
  • CATTAIL CREEK LAMBS are never fed or administered hormones or antibiotics ever in their lives.
  • CATTAIL CREEK LAMBS spend their entire lives outside grazing on pastures designed for the expression of natural behavior and good health.

We don’t ask you to believe these claims just because we say so. We are certified by Global Animal Partnership (GAP) who makes sure we “walk the talk.”

CATTAIL CREEK LAMB is now available at WHOLE FOODS MARKET NORTHWEST. Find locations near you

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CATTAIL CREEK LAMB and the many fine restaurants that serve it.

If you would like to purchase our lamb please contact me via email at, or call or text 971-219-2022.


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